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What is FERPA?
Who does FERPA protect?
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Other Records
Directory Information
Directory Opt-Out
Student Rights
Student Access
Disclosure Consent
Records with no Access
Parent/Spouse Rights
Disclosure Without Consent
Health/Safety Emergencies
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FERPA Violations
FERPA Compliance Guide
FERPA Summation

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What is FERPA
FERPA is an acronym for the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (20 U.S.C. 1232g, 34 CFR 99). Congress enacted FERPA, also referred to as the "Buckley Amendment," in 1974. FERPA mandates that schools, including colleges and universities, maintain students' records in a certain way. Students must be allowed to inspect and review their education records and request the amendment of records that are inaccurate or misleading. Schools are also restricted from disclosing student records except in limited circumstances which will be described later in this tutorial.



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