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Candidates receiving the PhD degree who attend the graduation exercise will be hooded by Dr. Jason W. Osborne, Dean, Graduate School. A dissertation committee member for each candidate will march in and be seated with him/her as well as assist in the hooding.

Come to the Sandlapper entrance of the arena to pick up your line-of-card between 1:00 - 2:00 p.m. Staff will be available beginning at 2:45 p.m. to assist you in lining up for the processional.

When you pick up your name card, turn in your hood at the same place. Your name will be placed on your hood, and it will be returned to you on stage at the time you receive your diploma.

The procedure will be as follows: (see diagram below)
  1. Mr. Cohen will read out your name as you and your dissertation committee member step up to the ramp at stage right. (Your dissertation committee member will be given your hood at this point to carry up the ramp to Dr. Osborne.)
  2. Dr. Osborne, assisted by your dissertation committee member, will place the doctoral hood on you. He will be standing on the lower stage just to the right of stage center
  3. President Clements will shake hands with you. He will be standing on the lower stage just to the left of stage center
  4. You and your dissertation committee member will exit to stage left and return to your seats.


1          Main Stage      
Ramp   2                                         3   Ramp  4
   Lower Stage   




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