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Unless otherwise stated, in order to for a student to change his/her major, they must meet the following requirements:

"Any undergraduate student who meets the Academic Integrity Policy after attempting 12 credit hours at Clemson University (or who is allowed to continue by virtue of a semester 2.4 grade-point ratio on 12 earned credits or who is allowed to continue through appeal to the Appeals Committee on Academic Eligibility or by other authorization of this committee) may transfer from one major to another. Any college or department that seeks an exception to this policy must have the approval of the collegiate dean and the provost" [2015-2016 Undergraduate Announcements, page 32.]

There are, however, many exceptions to this policy. Some majors require higher minimum GPRs (2.0 or higher) and some have specific procedures for admitting new students. Please contact the appropriate departmental representative listed (by college) on the advisor contacts for the most current information on change of major requirements for a particular department.



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