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Fall 2018 Common Testing

The courses listed below require students in all sections to take tests during a specified, common testing
period—approximately three times each term (courses may vary), not including the final exam.

See final exam schedules.

STAT 2220, 5:30-7pm
STAT 2300, 5:30-7pm
STAT 3090, 5:30-7pm
CH 1010, 7:15-8:45pm
CH 1020, 7:15-8:45pm
ACCT 2010, 7-9pm
ACCT 2020, 7-9pm
ENGR 1020, 7-9pm
ENGR 1410, 7-9pm
MATH 1010, 5:30-7pm
MATH 1020, 5:30-7pm
MATH 1040, 7:30-9pm
MATH 1060, 7:30-9pm
MATH 1070, 7:30-9pm
MATH 1080, 7:30-9pm
MATH 2070, 5:30-7pm
ME 2010, 6-8pm
PHYS 1220, 7-8pm
PHYS 2210, 8:30-9:30pm
*Testing schedule for current term. Test date and/or time subject to change in future terms.

The courses specified above administer their common tests at a time other than the scheduled class periods, see testing schedule:

Testing hours may or may not appear on the Schedule of Classes.

Any scheduling conflicts should be resolved between the student and instructor, or the student and department.

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