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Exam Schedules

Final Examinations

The standing of a student in his/her work at the end of a semester is based upon daily classwork, tests or other work, and the final examinations. Faculty members may excuse from the final examinations all students having the grade of A on the coursework prior to the final examination. For all other students, examinations are required in all subjects at the end of each semester, except in courses in which final examinations are not deemed necessary as approved by the department faculty.

Final examinations must be given or due on the dates and at the times designated in the final examination schedule, except in laboratory and one-credit-hour courses where the final exam will be given at the last class meeting.

Resolving Final Exam Issues

A student who has more than two exams in one calendar day, or two examinations at the same time, should contact the instructors no less than one week (preferably several weeks) prior to the last class meeting to reschedule his/her exam. If a resolution cannot be reached, the instructor of the lower-numbered course(s) must schedule the individual student's exam at an alternate date/time. Common exam times, regardless of course number, may not be rescheduled.

See more information on Common Testing.
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