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Accessing the Web Registration System

Q: What are the Web Browser requirements for the Web Registration system?
Web Registration uses both JavaScript and Cookies, both of which must be supported by and enabled by your browser. If you need additional help setting up things at home, contact the Help Desk via telephone at 656.3494, or email to

Q: When I try to login it says "Login Not Successful". What's going on?
You may have entered the wrong userid or password. If you are unsure of your userid and/or password, or need help changing your password, contact the Help Desk via telephone at 656.3494, or email to Clemson has implemented a unified user authentication system. This system ties together userids and passwords for the Novell network, email, and the mainframe system. When you change your password for one system, you have changed if for all three.

Q: How do I change my password?
Authenticated users can change their password at CCIT's Password Change Utility page.

Q: How do I logout of the system?
When you successfully login to Web Registration with your Novell userid and password, the Web browser is said to be authenticated. This authentication is used to access information and provide access to Web Registration and Blackboard. Closing all your Web browser windows will kill your authentication.

Q: When is registration available on the Web?
Web Registration is typically available 22 hours each day. The application is unavailable from 4:00 A.M. to 6:00 A.M. daily--times may vary slightly. The availability of registration for each term is regulated by the Registrar's Office. The time tickets for registration for all students are available on the Registration Portal. See Time Tickets.

In addition, an individual's ability to register may be blocked with a registration hold. Call the office number in the registration message to have the hold explained. Action may be required on your part before the hold can be cleared.
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Using the Web Registration System

Q: How can I register to audit a course?
Complete a Request to Audit form located in the Registrar's Office, 102 Sikes Hall, beginning on the first day of classes. You must return the form to the Registrar's Office by the last day to add as published on the Academic Calendar. Auditors are under no obligation to attend class and receive no credit.

See Auditing Policy.

Q: What happens if I drop all my classes?
Students currently can drop their last class in iROAR. Dropping all classes is equivalent to withdrawing from the University and may affect Financial Aid. The date of withdrawal initiates a refund if one is owed. Please see Refund Schedule.

Q: I need a class that is closed. Can you add me?
No. If the class is unavailable to you, please request seating in a class via the Waitlist in iROAR. You will be notified by email when it is your turn to add the class. There is a 24 hour time frame in which you can add the class.

Q: What about my fees once I have registered for courses?
Log into iROAR and request your University Account Information. Your account information is term-based and is updated each time you request your account information. Account Information is not available until fees have been calculated for the term. See the Registration Portal for expected calculation dates in the "Payment Deadlines" information section. To prevent cancellation of your schedule, you must pay your fees in advance according to the university schedule. See "Payment Deadlines" for mailing address and contact information. Payments may also be made via credit card from iROAR. Non-refundable convenience fee applies.

Q: What is the last day a student may enroll for a term?
Please see the Academic Calendar.
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Q: Where do I purchase my cap and gown and invitations for graduation?
Caps and gowns, as well as invitations for graduation, are purchased at the University Bookstore, 656-2050.

Q: Where do I purchase my class ring?
Class rings may be purchased through the University Bookstore. Undergraduate students must have completed a minimum of 90 semester hours and graduate students must present their GS-4 form at the time the order is placed.

Q: What is the time, date and location of graduation?
Graduation ceremonies are three times a year. Times and dates change with each ceremony. For more information see the Graduation web site.

Q: Where do we get applications for graduation?
Undergraduates apply for graduation in iROAR. Student > Student Records > Apply to Graduate.

Q: Where do I purchase honor stoles?
Information about purchasing honor stoles is given through E-mail, campus cable tv and our student radio station.  Please read E-mail for dates, location, time to purchase, and the cost of stoles.  Stoles are purchased mid semester.
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Scholarships, Fees, Benefits, Refunds & Residency

Q: Where do I go to find out about scholarships?
The office of Student Financial Aid handles all scholarships, loans and grants. The Student Financial Aid office is located in G-01 Sikes Hall. For more information see Student Financial Aid.

Q: Where do I go to pay my fees?
Fee payments are made in the Bursar's Office in G-08 Sikes Hall (the bank); bill payment can be made with a credit card on iROAR.

Q: Where do I go to receive a refund?
Refunds are distributed through direct deposit or mailed to your home address. Please see Account Receivable's information on refunds.

Q: Who do I contact about veterans benefits?
Contact Jennifer Elliott in the Registrar's Office located in 102 Sikes Hall. 656-5280 or see
U.S. Veterans.
Q: Where do I get in-state residency information?
In-state residency applications are located in Room G-01 Sikes Hall.  For more information see Office of Residency Classification website.
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Transcript Information

Q: What is the cost of ordering a transcript?
The cost of ordering an official transcript is $12.00.  This provides one copy of the official transcript.  For more information please see: transcripts.

Q: How long will it take for you to send my transcript?
Obtaining a copy of an official transcript is an overnight process.  Usually by 11:00 a.m.  the next business day the transcript will be available for pickup or mailing to the requested address.  For more information please see: transcripts.
Q: Can you fax my transcript?
The transcript office does not fax transcripts, but will accept faxed requests. For security purposes, transcripts are printed on special paper that scrambles text when faxed. For more information please see: transcripts.

Q:How do I obtain a copy of an unofficial transcript?
Currently enrolled students can print unofficial transcripts from iROAR.  Student > Student Records > Academic Transcript. To request an official transcript, see transcripts.
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Transfer & Transient Student Information

Q: What do I need to do to take a course at another school and receive credit for it at Clemson?
In order to take a course at another institution, prior approval has to be obtained.  The form required for this approval is called Request for Approval of Work to be Taken Elsewhere.  These forms are located in Enrolled Student Services, Room 104 Sikes Hall or for download here. Once the work has been completed, you must have a transcript sent to Clemson from that institution before credit is awarded.

Q: Where do I get an application to be a summer transient student at Clemson?
Summer transient applications are available here. For more information, pelase contact the Registrar's Office, 102 Sikes Hall, Clemson, SC 29634 or 864.656.2171 or see: transient.
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Former Students Returning

Q: Where do former students returning get applications for re-admittance?
Applications for former undergraduate students returning are available online with a $25.00 fee. Check Former Students Returning for availability. Graduate students can use the Graduate Request for Re-entrance form from the Registrar's student forms.
Q: Am I considered a Former Student if I've only been away from school for one semester?
A student that is not continuously enrolled, excluding summer sessions, must apply for re-admittance via the Application for Re-admittance. Please see Former Students Returning.

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Name and Address Changes

Q: Where do I go to change my name?

Name changes are processed by Registration Services located in E206 Martin Hall. You will need to provide your Social Security Card. Acceptable documents are included on the form.

Q: Where do I go to change my address?
Students can verify their address on iROAR. For address updates, go to

Q: How can I suppress my directory information?
Students may elect to suppress their directory information. Suppress forms are in Martin E206 and must be submitted each semester to keep information suppressed.
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Degree Works

Q: Where do I find Degree Works?
The Degree Works Office is located in E207 Martin Hall. For more information see: Degree Works.

Q: Where can I find my grades online?"
Students can check their grades on iROAR after all grades have been processed. Grade submission deadlines are on the academic calendar.
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Academic Probation, Renewal & Redemption

Q: Where do I go to find out about academic probation?
Undergraduate Academic Services (E103 Martin Hall) provides assistance to students on academic probation. All questions concerning Academic probation should be directed to Julia Lusk at 864-656-3941.

Q: Who handles academic renewals?
All questions concerning academic renewals are directed to Julia Lusk, E103 Martin Hall.

Q: What is Clemson's Academic Forgiveness Policy?
The Academic Forgiveness Policy (AFP) allows a student to repeat up to three classes (for students whose enrollment begins fall 2007 or after) in which a D or F was earned. In all cases, the grade earned in the course used to forgive the earlier course will be used in computing the grade-point ratio. For more information see: Academic Forgiveness.
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Q: How do I get proof that I'm a full-time student?
Enrollment verifications for potential employers, insurance companies and student loans are available via the National Student Clearinghouse. Please see enrollment verification. Contact the Registrar's Office, 102 Sikes Hall or 864-656-2171, with questions about enrollment verifications.

Q: Where do I get a letter of good standing?
A letter of good standing can be obtained in Enrolled Student Services, Room 104 Sikes Hall.  This is sometimes referred to as a transient letter.

Q: Whom do I contact about problems with my records?
Contact the office of Enrolled Student Services in 104 Sikes Hall or phone 864.656.2174.

Q: Where do I pick up catalogs for my department?
Catalogs are provided to the departments.  Shannon Clark distributes the catalogs to the appropriate areas.  She is located in E205 Martin Hall.

Q: Where do I go to withdraw from the university?
Dropping your last class is equivalent to withdrawing from the University, see more here.
A Re-entrance Application is required when you are ready to return to Clemson.
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