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Former Undergraduate Students

If you were previously enrolled as a regular student at Clemson
(not a special or transient student) but are not enrolled in the current term, you are classified as a former student. 

If you have graduated from Clemson and are applying as a former student returning, then your program will be changed to a "Non-Degree Seeking Undergraduate" until you complete a Change of Program Form with Enrolled Student Services in 104 Sikes Hall. If you are a former student continuing your studies, you will be readmitted into your previous major but in the current catalog year. Senior students—students with 90+ hours—are readmitted into the major AND catalog year they were in when they last attended. Former students returning whose major has been discontinued will return in a non-degree status and must change to a degree-granting program.

The Undergraduate Application for Re-Admission is now closed for Spring 2016. *Please note: The application for the spring term closed December 30, 2015.

The Re-Admission Application for Summer and Fall terms will be available February 29, 2016.

Special Note re: Former Student Application

This application is for former undergraduate students at Clemson University. If you were previously enrolled as a regular undergraduate student (not special student or transient) and are not enrolled in the current fall or spring semester you must apply for re-entrance.

Also, please read Clemson University's Continuing Enrollment Policy as published in the Undergraduate Announcements.
The Undergraduate Application for Re-Admission fee is $25.00 and online instructions for payment are provided in the application.

Acceptance letters will be emailed to returning students to the email address entered on the application.

After readmission and prior to enrolling in courses, all undergraduate former students returning must meet with an advisor in the Academic Success Center (ASC). Readmitted undergraduate students will receive an email from an ASC advisor instructing them to schedule an appointment for the purposes of planning their schedule and getting cleared for course registration. Course registration activity will not be permitted for readmitted undergraduate students who fail to meet with an ASC advisor.

Need registration help? See registration procedures.

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Former Graduate Students

Graduate students who were enrolled within the last two years must complete a Request for Re-entrance, available from the Graduate Enrolled Student Services Office, 104D Sikes Hall, or here: Graduate Request for Re-entrance. Degree-seeking students are readmitted into the degree and major they were in when they last attended Clemson University Graduate School.

Graduate students who were enrolled more than two years but less than six years previously must complete an Application for Re-entrance, which must be approved by the appropriate academic department. The application must show any intervening graduate work, and appropriate official transcripts of the work may be required by the Graduate School.

Graduate students who were not enrolled within the past six years are considered new applicants and must submit a new application, application fee, and all supporting materials to the Office of Admissions, E209 Martin Hall.

Former graduate students who wish to pursue undergraduate coursework with no immediate plans for graduate work should contact the Admissions Office for procedures.

Need registration help? See Clemson's registration procedures.

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