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Special Student Status

Special students can enroll in a limited number of undergraduate credit hours and are classified with a non-degree status. Examples of special students include: high school students wishing to dual enroll in preapproved courses, individuals wishing to take courses for personal enjoyment and professional development, and individuals needing prerequisites for professional schools. Students interested in graduate studies at Clemson and who need undergraduate prerequisite courses should apply non-degree through the Clemson Graduate School.

The special student status is not a "trial admission" status and students who have been denied regular admission are not eligible.

The number of undergraduate credit hours taken in this status may vary by program, but no more than 18 semester hours will be allowed. Once the credit hour limit has been reached, the student must apply to a degree seeking program if he wishes to take additional courses. Applicants should apply online at www.clemson.edu and supporting documents may be requested if needed. Financial aid is not available.

Information is available for Non-Degree Seeking Graduate Students.

Please see information regarding Clemson's registration procedures.




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