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Find Your Spring 2018 Exam Time

The following exam schedule is designed for classes that meet at a standard time pattern. Exam periods are assigned based on the start time of the class. If your class has a standard start time, use the exam period below that corresponds to the first time/day of the week that your class meets. If the course begins at a non-standard time (time not listed below):
  • Students contact your instructor for details
  • Instructors must contact your department room coordinator to make special arrangements for a class meeting space to hold your exam
Final examinations for the Spring 2018 term are scheduled as follows Monday - Friday,
April 30 through May 4, 2018 as published in the Academic Calendar.

Examination Periods

Monday — Friday
8:00am - 10:30am
11:30am - 2:00pm
3:00pm - 5:30pm
7:00pm - 9:30pm

Common Exams

Course Examination Day Examination Time
MATH 1010, 1020, 2070 Wednesday 7:00pm—9:30pm
MATH 1040, 1060, 1070, 1080 Monday 11:30am—2:00pm
STAT 2300 Monday 11:30am—2:00pm
STAT 3090 Monday 7:00pm—9:30pm
ACCT 2010, 2020 Tuesday 11:30am—2:00pm
CH 1010, 1020 Wednesday 11:30am—2:00pm
PHYS 1220, 2210 Wednesday 7:00pm—9:30pm
COMM 2500 Monday 7:00pm—9:30pm
ENGR 1020, 1410 Tuesday 7:00pm—9:30pm
See more information on Common Testing.

All Other Scheduled Exams

Class Day & Meeting Time Examination Day Examination Time
MWF, 8:00am—8:50am Thursday 11:30am—2:00pm
MWF, 9:05am—9:55am Friday 8:00am—10:30am
MWF, 10:10am—11:00am Tuesday 3:00pm—5:30pm
MWF, 11:15am—12:05pm Tuesday 8:00am—10:30am
MWF, 12:20pm—1:10pm Monday 8:00am—10:30am
MWF, 1:25pm—2:15pm Friday 3:00pm—5:30pm
MWF, 2:30pm—3:20pm Thursday 3:00pm—5:30pm
MW, 2:30pm—3:45pm Thursday 3:00pm—5:30pm
MW, 3:35pm—4:50pm Tuesday 7:00pm—9:30pm
MWF, 3:35pm—4:25pm Tuesday 7:00pm—9:30pm
MW, 4:00pm—5:15pm Tuesday 7:00pm—9:30pm
MWF, 4:40pm—5:30pm Tuesday 7:00pm—9:30pm
MW, 5:45pm—7:00pm Monday 7:00pm—9:30pm
M, 6:15pm—9:00pm Monday 7:00pm—9:30pm
W, 6:15pm—9:00pm Wednesday 7:00pm—9:30pm
MW, 7:15pm—8:30pm Friday 7:00pm—9:30pm
TTH, 8:00am—9:15am Friday 7:00pm—9:30pm
TTH, 9:30am—10:45am Wednesday 8:00am—10:30am
TTH, 11:00am—12:15pm Wednesday 3:00pm—5:30pm
TTH, 12:30pm—1:45pm Monday 3:00pm—5:30pm
TTH, 2:00pm—3:15pm Thursday 8:00am—10:30am
TTH, 3:30pm—4:45pm Friday 11:30am—2:00pm
TTH, 5:00pm—6:15pm Thursday 7:00pm—9:30pm
T, 6:15pm—9:00pm Thursday 7:00pm—9:30pm
TH, 6:15pm—9:00pm Monday 7:00pm—9:30pm
TTH, 6:30pm—7:45pm Thursday 7:00pm—9:30pm
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