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Undergraduate Visiting Students (Transient)
Students from other institutions who wish to enroll in courses during the summer only are considered transient students.

The Transient Application for Summer 2015 will be available online February 23, 2015. There is a $25.00 non-refundable fee for the application.

Application Deadlines
Part of Term Date
Summer  May 6, 2015
Summer Half 1  May 6, 2015
Summer Half 2  June 17, 2015
Summer Mini A  May 6, 2015
Summer Mini B  May 27, 2015
Summer Mini C  June 17, 2015
Summer Mini D  July 8, 2015


Please follow these steps to be accepted as a transient student. Hotmail email not accepted.

Submit the Transient Student Application.
Click here for step by step instructions.
Provide a College Approval Statement. This can be attached to the application before submitting.
Provide proof of Legal Presence. Please make sure that you provide a copy of one of the documents from the attached list. The document can be attached to the application before submitting.
Look for an acceptance email at the email address provided on the application. This email will provide you with information on: student ID, username, temporary password, summer fees, deadlines, immunization requirements, housing, and transcripts. The Registrar's Office will register you for the course(s) that your home institution has approved you to take. Class Search.
For questions about the above information, please contact the Registrar's Office at
or (864) 656-7855.

For questions about the application itself or technical difficulties completing it, please contact CollegeNET
at (503) 973-5213.



Graduate Transient Students
If you are enrolled in a degree program at another institution and wish to take Clemson courses in the summer to transfer to that institution, you may apply as a Graduate Transient Student.

Graduate Transient Student Application

All Graduate Transient Students apply through the Graduate School. If you have any questions, please contact the Graduate Admissions Office at (864)656-3195 or email to

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