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Course Registration Procedures

1. Advising
Continuing undergraduate students—meet with your advisor as early as possible to plan your schedule and get cleared for registration — incoming freshmen, transfers & and graduate students do not need to be cleared for registration.

Readmitted undergraduate former students returning—meet with an advisor in the Academic Success Center (ASC) as soon as possible after your readmission to plan your schedule and get cleared for registration.

You may want to create a Registration Plan in iROAR to prepare for registration. See video.
2. Accessing the System
Once your time ticket opens (find your time ticket), register on iROAR. You will need the following:

Username—Your username is a unique combination of your first and last name, e.g., jdoe. Not sure? You can look yourself up in the University Directory.

Password—If you have forgotten your password, present a picture ID at the CCIT Help Desk located on the second floor of Cooper Library. If you are away from Clemson, call 864.656.3494. Incoming freshmen and transfer students' passwords are created after deposits are paid.

Be cleared for registration—Continuing undergraduates will need to be cleared for registration before access to drop/add activity is permitted. Continuing undergraduate students must be cleared for registration by their advisor. Readmitted former students returning must be cleared by an ASC advisor. Registration Services does NOT clear students for registration under any circumstances.

Check holds and enrollment status—Students may be blocked from registration due to holds or enrollment status. See Prepare for Registration video and/or #6 Holds below.
3. Registering
Find the CRNs (Course Reference Number) for the courses you want to take. Enter the CRNs in the blank boxes on the Register for Classes page. Click Submit.


Click on the Find a Class tab on the Register for Classes page. A video is available for help on registering in iROAR — registration training videos. iROAR will notify you immediately whether you have been added to the class.

Undergraduates' class loads must be approved by their advisors. During fall and spring semester registration, students on academic probation are limited to 16 credit hours, and all other undergraduates 19; and graduate students 15 credits. The day before classes begin, all undergraduates, except those on probation, will have their hours automatically increased to 21. Increases above 21 hours must be requested by your advisor via an email to

Enrollment in summer is limited to 19 credit hours. Enrollment in additional credit hours must be approved by your academic advisor.
4. Registering for Corequisite Courses
iROAR will generate an error if you fail to register for corequisite courses at the same time-- an example of corequisite courses are lecture-lab combinations. To register for co-requisite classes:
  • Enter the CRNs for both the lecture and the lab on the Enter CRN tab
  • Click Find Classes to search for and add both lecture and lab to your Registration Summary
You are not permitted to enroll in courses with overlapping class times.
5. Prerequisites
Prerequisites are enforced. Make sure you meet the prerequisites for all your classes prior to registration. If you have questions about a course prerequisite, contact the Registration Coordinator for the course.
6. Holds
Ensure you have no holds on your account by selecting "Prepare for Registration" to display any holds preventing registration. Contact the office initiating the hold promptly for resolution—see holds. Unresolved holds may block further access to the registration system.
7. Closed Courses
If you cannot register for a closed course, you may add yourself to the waitlist if a space is available. Department use of the waitlist is optional. If you waitlist a class, be sure to check your e-mail regularly. If you receive notification that a seat has become available, register for the class within 24 hours of the notification. If you do not register within 24 hours of notification, you will be removed from the waitlist automatically. You may not waitlist a class if you are enrolled in another section of that class. View the video explaining waitlists.


Add yourself to the Request Closed Course list in iROAR. This tool is secondary to the waitlist if one is available. It is primarily used as a list of students to be contacted if a department is able to open additional sections. This tool allows departments to gauge unmet course demand.

iROAR 〉 Students 〉 Registration 〉 Request Closed Course
8. Dropping Courses
Drop classes in iROAR on the Register for Classes screen until the published deadline for each term — see Academic Calendars. After classes begin, if you wish to drop all your courses, please read Withdrawing from the University before doing so.


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